Past Lt. Governors Association

The Past Lieutenant Governors Association (PLGA) consists of all Past Lieutenant Governors in good standing in the Pennsylvania District of Kiwanis International and who have remitted the required amount of dues as set forth by the board of directors of the association.


  • To aid, encourage and mentor each other and the current Lt. Governor for the growth and benefit of Kiwanis International, the PA District, the Regions & Divisions of the District.
  • To support and promote Kiwanis International Conventions, the District, Regional, & Divisional meetings.
  • To actively seek out qualified Lieutenant Governor candidates.
  • To support, including financial, all Kiwanis International & PA District projects and programs as approved by the Past Lieutenant Governors Association.
  • To support, including financial, focus on the PA District’s Goals of achieving growth by opening new clubs and increasing membership in existing clubs.


The Annual Meeting of the PLGA is held at the District Convention. The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect officers, directors and to address any other pertinent business. An annual conclave is held at the Midyear Conference. The purpose of this conclave is to socialize, view new programs and perform necessary committee work to meet the objects previously stated. The internet will be used for other business concerns.

Major Initiative:

The major initiative of the PLGA as determined by the membership at the 2008 Annual Meeting is the promoting & supporting of leadership programs within the PA District of Kiwanis International. Such leadership groups include Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, Circle K, & Key Leader. If a club wishes to support another leadership program & needs additional assistance, they may petition the PLGA for that assistance. The assistance provided by the PLGA, will be in the form of $50 toward the chartering of the leadership program, or an award to a person in need, participating in the program.