New Club Website

As you can see, the Pennsylvania District of Kiwanis International launched a new website hosted by Kiwanis International.  Your thoughts and input are welcome and may be sent to

As a result of this, all clubs in the District that wish are now eligible for a free website hosted by Kiwanis International.

To begin the process, you must submit the application found at this link.

Please note the following:

  •  If your club has a website and is satisfied with it, there is no need to make any change unless the club so desires.
  •  While Kiwanis International will be providing the basic framework for a club website, neither Kiwanis International nor the Pennsylvania District will provide the content for that page.  The club must have a member or members do this.  We will answer questions as best as our ability allows, but we can’t do it for you.
  • This is not a daunting task.  There are lots of helpful tutorials available for your use once the application is submitted and accepted by Kiwanis International.

Please let me know what questions or concerns you might have by writing me at:  If you prefer to phone, you can reach me at 717-540-9300 Monday-Thursday.

Thanks for all you do for Kiwanis. 

Kevin Thomas
PA District Executive Director