Dollars for Dues

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Pennsylvania Kiwanis recognizes the challenges and impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has made for everyone around the world. We also recognize that members may be experiencing not only financial hardships during this time, but also those related to long term illness, being a sole caretaker or the loss/change of a job that might impact the decision to remain a member for the upcoming year.

PA Kiwanis values you and your club and would like to support you through a special Dues Grant Program. If you or a member in your club is facing a financial hardship that is preventing the October 1, 2020 renewal of membership; we recommend that you submit an online application to apply for partial or full dues grant support.  The application can also be completed via paper form that must be mailed to:

Kiwanis Dollars for Dues
c/o PA Kiwanis District
2793 Old Post Road, Ste 12
Harrisburg, PA 17110


Who is Eligible to apply?
All Pennsylvania Kiwanians are eligible to apply for Dollars For Dues.

What is the process after I apply?
Our District appointed a confidential committee who will review and discuss all applications. Upon decisions they will ask the Executive Director to send a check to your club’s treasurer, as well as send communication letting you know the decision that has been made.

How can I donate to Dollars for Dues to support other Kiwanians in need?
The Dollars for Dues Initiative is a member supported fund to support our members that may be experiencing hardships. Donations are accepted via:

  • Check – payable to PA KIWANIS. Mail to:  Kiwanis District Office, 2793 Old Post Road, Ste. 12, Harrisburg, PA   17110
  • Venmo payment to PAKIWANIS
  • Paypal payment to

If I have more questions, who should I contact?
Please email all questions or comments regarding this initiative to