Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.)


Due to the nature of the focus area of the Committee itself, it is acknowledged by all members that change is part of a diverse culture and that the J.E.D.I. world itself is continuously shifting its focus. Therefore, a continuously changing and diverse committee is necessary for the longevity and success of the committee and the following best practices should be followed to avoid stagnation of focus:

  • All views of committee members should be respected and foster a safe space for productive discussions.
  • The committee chair should not serve longer than one, three-year term appointment, unless approved by the District Board of Trustees.
  • The committee, when possible, should have at least one member from Western, Central and Eastern Pennsylvania and strive to represent different member demographics and viewpoints.
  • The committee shall include standing positions for a member/representative of Key Club, Circle K and Aktion Club.
  • The committee will continuously evaluate itself, through feedback from district leadership, membership, committee members and SLP leadership to improve focus, goals, operations and procedures.