PA Kiwanis Membership Growth

Growing Existing Kiwanis Clubs

Pennsylvania Kiwanis has a District Membership Committee with members that are ready to help your Kiwanis club grow! We want to continue to make Kiwanis history. With your help, we can make this happen. If you would like some “tips and tricks” on how to grow your club, contact Membership Chair Matt Wise. Read NEW Blogspot Membership Insight and Updates from your District Chair!

Opening New Kiwanis Clubs

You may wonder, “why do I need to put a new club in the neighboring city? They can join my club.”

You are correct. But people have different schedules — another Kiwanis Club meeting at a different time in the nearby community may attract a different type of person. It not only helps the children next door, it can energize your club and empower your members to grow your club in service and members. It is an amazing domino effect.

There may be a need in a new community and sharing Kiwanis with them would only lead to new opportunities for the children in that new community. Imagine the possibilities for these kids! #KIdsNeedKiwanis

Participating in Growing and Opening Clubs

Think about this:   Committed volunteers have the ability to get others to participate. Participation does not require jumping into the pond with reckless abandon. Members should not be bullied into giving more of themselves than they believe they can handle. They should simply be encouraged to get their feet wet. After completing a small task, a member discovers the joy of truly being a part of it all. Then they want to invite their friends and family to participate on a project. That is why it is very important to keep new members active so that they bring this positive energy to service projects and they bring more hands of service with them.


Here are some resources to engage membership and plan for club growth.

  1. Two for Two – this is the Kiwanis International Two for Two initiative. I’ve seen clubs follow this tool to the T (no pun intended), and I’ve also seen them use it as a guide. Completely up to you.
  2. Inviting New Members – You can always use this as a guide as well. Either on its own or in conjunction with the Two for Two.
  3. Achieving Club Excellence (ACE) Tools – This is the main link where you’ll find things like the club survey, community needs assessment, and tools to assess the club’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Measuring Member Satisfaction – This is one of my favorites. You can use it as is, or take the questions and use them as a guide, developing your own to go along with it. We’ve had luck using Google Forms and Survey Monkey to create online anonymous surveys for members.
  5. Analyzing Your Impact – Very useful at taking a deep dive into what your club does in and for the community.
  6. Planning for Club Excellence – What gets measured, gets accomplished. This is a great way of keeping track of those goals you set for yourself and the club.
  7. Working Together: Bridging Membership, Partnership & Public Relations Committees – this is a really great conversation starter to be used with your membership committee or even as a club working-program.
  8. Member Resources – this is a one-stop-shop for all things relating to membership and club administration. You could spend hours just surfing through here.
  9. Specific Membership Committee Tools – here you will find a monthly checklist and other information from the Kiwanis International Leadership Guide.