PA District Chairs


The committee shall annually review the District’s financial records and reports to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting practices and principles.

Committee: Bob Raub and Kristi Schlesinger


The chair/committee shall examine the District Bylaws and shall submit any recommendations concerning revisions thereof to the District Board, shall cooperate with the Board in drafting proposed amendments authorized by the Board, and shall make a report on all properly proposed amendments to the District Bylaws to be acted upon by any convention. The committee shall also cooperate with the Board in interpreting the spirit of the District’s Bylaws and in securing the proper observance of obligations, standards, and practices arising there under, including the adjustment of any grievances.

Committee: Jason McConney and Matt Wise


The committee shall help clubs and Divisions create service projects helping children prenatal through age five. The committee will do this by educating club leaders on specific needs and projects, developing or maintaining relationships with other organizations that serve young children and their families, linking clubs to these organizations so that they can collaborate, and awarding or recognizing effective projects.

Committee: Penny Meyers, Bob Marko, Janet Crawford


The committee shall assist in the promoting, attendance and participation in the annual Pennsylvania District Convention.

PA Committee: Kelly Kinkaid, Tiffany Callaio, Sarah Zulueta


The District Finance Committee of the District Board of Pennsylvania Kiwanis District shall: maintain oversight responsibility of the District’s Finances, review the financial objectives, financial policies, financial structure and financing requirements of the District and its service leadership programs and make such reports and recommendations to the District Board for approval or advisement, and to the extent delegated to it by the District Board pursuant to this Policy or exercise the powers and authority as approved only by the District Board with respect to such matters.

Committee: Mike Coolbaugh, Tom Harp, Steve Harmanos, Ben Osterhout, Mike Barclay, Tiffany Callaio


To give primacy to the human and spiritual values over the material in life is the first object of Kiwanis. This chair will work to provide opportunities for the District, Regions, Divisions and Clubs to evolve in both the Human and Spiritual sense.

Many members joining Kiwanis come with different values, talents, and passions.  The chair is to encourage and nourish unity and fellowship among all Kiwanians regardless of a member’s race, color, creed, national origin, age, or sex, including sexual orientation and gender identity. The chair shall encourage the clubs to cooperate on broad non denominational lines to create a greater public consciousness of the importance of human and spiritual values.


This committee was formed to promote the idea that every member of the organization plays a vital role in the success of not just the Kiwanis organization, but also the vibrancy, vitality, and richness of their respective communities regardless of the individual’s background, abilities or resources. Our clubs should represent the communities they serve.

The committee will help clubs engage with the under-served populations within their communities, recognize practices that are obstacles for individuals from joining a club, create welcoming and inclusive environments for all to serve, and realize the full potential of each member as an important part of the makeup of their club, their District, Kiwanis International and their respective communities.

Committee: Darlene Anderson, Barb Byers, Mike Coolbaugh, Chuck Gugliuzza, Joshua Kim, Karen Jones, Janet Owen, James Owen, Sarah Zulueta


District chairs are passionate advocates for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund mission throughout their district. They are constant communicators of our core values, and they build and strengthen relationships between Kiwanians in their district and the Kiwanis Children’s Fund. District chairs work with district and club leaders to grow support for the Kiwanis Children’s Fund throughout the district through the Annual Club Gift campaign, and provide educational resources about the Children’s Fund to district Kiwanians.


Organize, manage, and develop meaningful educational and training experiences for all Kiwanians to support a Kiwanian’s personal, professional and Kiwanis leadership goals.   Organize educational virtual content and annual club leadership education (CLE). Assist in developing content for Midyear and other conferences or special events that will promote continuing Kiwanis education at all levels.


The Membership Coordinator is responsible for the overall membership strategy for the District.  The chair and the committee will work diligently to invite new members, engage existing members, and increase the visibility of the club in your community. The Committee comprises of new club opening and club boosting teams to drive Membership growth initiatives down to the club level on the direction of the PA Kiwanis Governor. Learn more about Membership Growth Resources available.

Committee: Cathy Szymanski (New Club Opening)


The Partnership Coordinator is responsible for connecting clubs with Kiwanis Internationals’ official partners and supporting clubs in developing and maintaining signature projects in their communities. The Partnership Coordinator may also help form new partnerships in selected regions, applicable to those areas.


The chair and committee shall consider and report to the District Board its conclusions on all matter referred to it. It shall initiate subjects for consideration and report to said Board its conclusions. A summary of its proceedings shall be provided to each member of the committee and to the District Governor and District Secretary. The committee shall meet at the time of the District Convention and may hold other meetings at the call of the chair. The Committee of Past District Governors shall be composed of Past District Governors who are active, senior or privileged members of clubs within the District and a quorum of the committee shall be a majority thereof.


The Past Lieutenant Governors Association (PLGA) consists of all Past Lieutenant Governors in good standing in the Pennsylvania District of Kiwanis International and who have remitted the required amount of dues as set forth by the board of directors of the association. They provide mentorship, support for incoming and prospective Lt. Governors and provide financial support to new clubs being opened.

Vice-President: Tiffany Callaio, Kiwanis Club of Wyoming Area Treasurer: Lillian Mateja, Kiwanis Club of Conshohocken Secretary: Susan Gabriel, Kiwanis Club of Lititz


The public relations chair and committee contributes directly to the success and growth of Kiwanis Brand. The PR Chair is tasked with leading the district in strategic public relations planning and implementation of a public relations plan. This includes leading planning efforts and working with other district leaders and Kiwanis International, and also educating and counseling. This individual should be someone who has professional or working experience in the fields of public and or media relations, marketing, advertising, branding, journalism or the equivalent of such fields.

Committee: Chuck Gugliuzza, Jim Janosik, Marianne Murasko, Brian Root


The committee shall learn and understand the contents of the Liability Risk Management Packet and serve as a resource for the clubs; provide answers to basic questions and instruct the clubs on how to utilize the risk management materials provided; conduct workshops and training for the District (developed by Kiwanis International); regularly communicate with Kiwanis International Risk Management Representative regarding club activities and issues that arise; and attend the District Risk Manager Training provided by Kiwanis International.


The committee shall develop and maintain the District website, Internet technology education, and Internet integration at the Division and Club level.


The committee shall serve as a resource for the clubs; provide answers to basic questions and instruct the clubs as to how to utilize the materials provided; conduct workshops and training at district events using materials provided by Kiwanis International; ensure Kiwanis district Staff and Leadership receive annual training on the Youth Protection Guidelines; submit youth protection articles for the district bulletin.