Governor’s Blog: Cold Yet Energized to Hit Our Goals!

January 22, 2024 – I had the honor of representing Pennsylvania District at North America Governors Conference in Denver, Colorado on Jan 12-13th and boy was it a chilly visit to the Mile High City!   I was cold but energized to help our District.

It was great to reconnect with the many Governors across the country and some of the Kiwanis International staff.  Our major focus was on membership and KI had quite a team assembled in Denver focused on membership goals and education for each of our Districts. These passionate leaders are so enthusiastic and want us to succeed it was infectious.

Present was KI President Katrina Baranko, Immediate Past KI President Bert West, Executive Director (as of February 1, 2024) Paul Palazzolo, as well as several KI staff: Chris Martz, Director of Global Membership and Engagement, Kendra Morris, Club Opening Manager, Mike Downs, Director of Meeting and Convention and the following Club Opening Specialists – Miranda Burton, Rogena Woods-Mitchell and Jay Hubbard.  With that line-up you know that Kiwanis International takes membership seriously, as do I.  

Membership, Membership, Membership

I know you all have heard my goals, as a reminder two of my key Governor goals are:

  1. Have positive net membership growth in each division.
  2. Share Kiwanis in 7 new communities.

In the first quarter of this administrative year we had some successes to celebrate! We welcomed 88 new members to Kiwanis and 26% of our clubs have shown growth.  We still have a lot of work to do, and I know we can do it together! 

Assessing Growth Adds Value

While membership numbers are important, as we need goals to keep our district on track for our future, it is also important to stress that we should also focus on providing that positive member experience that keeps our current members engaged and prospective members interested.  

How can you determine if your club adds value to your members and to your community? One great first step is to utilize easily available online Kiwanis tool and resources to obtain the answer. The ACE tools, Community Analysis, Creating Public Awareness, Two for Two program and reviewing the Roster Analysis toolkits are great places to start! If you need assistance please contact me and I will provide a great coach!

Why should we open new clubs?

This is a question I often get.  Why should we open new clubs when we have many clubs struggling? The simple answer is we need both for our District to be sustainable for the future. Kiwanis is the best kept secret!  We should be excited to share Kiwanis with others, especially in new communities where there is no Kiwanis presence. Imagine children being impacted with new Kiwanians!  While helping build a new club, existing members learn how to strengthen their own clubs.   

While we have not yet opened a new club in Pennsylvania, simply put, we need to open new clubs and strengthen those clubs in our district below the charter strength of 15 members. We can do this if everyone helps. More members in each club equals more hands available for service, fundraising, attending events and having fun.

We Need You to Grow!

We are seeking passionate Kiwanians interested in helping at the division or regional level to join a local membership growth team to share Kiwanis in new communities and help struggling clubs which in turn will help your own club grow through the knowledge and skills you will learn! If you are interested in increasing your skillsets and learning more, please contact me!

Let’s all do what we can to grow the membership in the PA District for the kids – as my governor’s pin proudly displays. If you have not received one of my Governor pins, please reach out and contact me with your address, I would be happy to send you one!

Thank you for all you do and let’s all work to “Grow Membership for the Kids”.

Warm Regards,

Governor Conrad
Pennsylvania District Governor