November 20, 2023 – Membership Update

Establishing a Game Plan for Membership

By Matt Wise, PA District Membership Coordinator

Last month, I wrote about starting the year off strong. I hope that you have found the resources that I shared helpful. Since then, I’ve met with several clubs and other Kiwanis leaders about membership and my mind has been going ever since.

Each of us has the ability to grow Kiwanis, but why do we want to? It is simple, really. What would your community look like if your club did not exist? It is important to keep this in mind as we continue the great work of our Kiwanis Clubs across Pennsylvania, and the nation. The question is, though – do you have a game plan for membership?

Whether you answered yes or no to this question, allow me to ask you some guiding questions that will help you to either create a strategy or enhance your current membership development plans.

  • When you are looking at the existing state of your membership, what is the first question that comes to mind?
  • When you invite a potential member to your club, how do you do it? Is it random with the hopes that they come to something, or are you strategic about it by inviting them to something that will hook them right away?
  • Does your club have a specific membership chair? No matter how big or how small your club is, having someone responsible for membership will make sure that it gets talked about…and of course, what gets talked about gets done.

We can have access to all the resources we want, but if we are not applying them to our club (as opposed using them as a cookie cutter) and making them work for our current situation, they are of no use. It is more important to have a strategy that works for your club and your members than randomly opening the Achieving Club Excellence book and “trying something new” (however you can make these part of your strategy).

Bringing in new and retaining existing members is hard work, I won’t disagree. But, if you have a team behind you and a strategy for action, the burden is lessened exponentially. Reach out today if you’d like to discuss in greater detail!