Governor’s Blog: Ready to Achieve our Goals in the New Year!

January 1, 2024 – As the calendar transitions to 2024 I thought it would be a great idea to remind everyone of several of my goals for the Kiwanis Year which began on October 1, 2023. What if we kick off the New Year by making resolutions to contribute to the achievement of these goals?

Our top priority is to share Kiwanis in seven new communities in the District. While we’ve had enthusiastic Kiwanians working towards new club goals, success has eluded us thus far. But fear not—let’s join forces to make a turnaround happen! There are still many areas in the District awaiting the positive impact of a Kiwanis Club, and we’re calling on Regional groups to unite in this meaningful endeavor.  Your input is invaluable in bringing the Kiwanis spirit to new communities. Would you like to learn more?  Reach out to your Regional Trustee!

We have another exciting goal on our list—to ensure that each Division in our dynamic District has a dedicated Lieutenant Governor. Presently, there are four divisions – 10, 11E, 13S and 22 – without a Lieutenant Governor, and we’re eager to fill these crucial positions. There’s an opportunity to make a significant impact in enhancing the effectiveness and reach of our efforts in Division 13S. If you’re passionate about contributing to the success of this division, stepping forward to offer support could make a meaningful difference.  

As you ponder your resolutions for the New Year, I encourage you to consider taking the next step in your leadership journey by filling one of these open positions. The exciting news is that you no longer need to reside in the division to become the Lieutenant Governor. All it takes is having served as a President, Secretary, or Treasurer for one term and a willingness to be appointed by the District Board

Let’s add even more vibrancy to our Kiwanis experience by fostering increased Divisional Interclubs. Reflecting on the past year in my home division, there was a memorable interclub event I attended at the Kiwanis Club of Williamsport.    The event was a resounding success, enjoyed by all who attended. We can’t wait until we have more! It’s these shared moments that strengthen our Kiwanis bonds and create lasting memories. I want to extend a special acknowledgment to Past President Jason Hurwitz from the Kiwanis Club of Williamsport, who not only contributed to the event but also holds a unique connection as a former member of the Millionaire Strolling Strings from his high school years. Thanks, Jason, for bringing an extra touch of magic to the interclub!

As we embark on the New Year, let’s make a resolution to elevate the spirit of fellowship through more Divisional Interclubs. Your ideas and enthusiasm can play a pivotal role in making these gatherings even more frequent and enjoyable.

Here’s to a year filled with shared experiences and the joy of coming together as a Kiwanis family!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Warm Regards,

Governor Conrad
Pennsylvania District Governor