Governor’s Blog: February Insights on Dues Increase and Educational Opportunities

February 5, 2024 -Can you believe it? February has arrived in the blink of an eye! Let’s welcome the new month with open arms and new energy!

Proposed Dues Increase Amendment

Two weeks ago, I shared my journey to Denver for the North America Governors’ Conference, where we received invaluable training on opening new clubs and how we can support existing ones.

During this conference, we discussed a crucial topic that requires your attention – the proposed amendment for an international dues increase will be presented at the upcoming International Convention in Denver.

To ensure the sustainability of our mission, a $25.00 increase is suggested for Tier A clubs. Now, you might be wondering about the necessity of this adjustment. The reality is our Kiwanis International dues have not seen an increase since 2015 and the cost of living and doing business has significantly increased.

There are several reasons to consider this change:

  1. Kiwanis, as a member-based non-profit dedicated to serving children, relies on our collective support.
  2. Legal fees have surged by 400%.
  3. IT costs, primarily driven by essential cybersecurity measures, have risen by 76%.

Facing a decline in dues revenue and grappling with the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on membership, we find ourselves in a position where this adjustment is crucial. It’s important to note that Kiwanis is not alone in this decision – other service organizations like Rotary, Optimist, and Lions have recently voted for similar increases.

Even with this adjustment, Kiwanis will remain one of the most affordable service organizations to belong to. We’ve made significant efforts to cut expenses, including reducing services, staff, renegotiating contracts, and minimizing travel. It’s a collective effort to sustain the impact we make.

If you haven’t already, we hope you took advantage of the insightful “Lunch with a Leader” Webinar conversation held on January 31st, featuring President Katrina Baranko, President-elect Lee Kuan Yong, and Vice President Michael Mulhaul. Your continued support and understanding are crucial as we navigate these challenges together.

PA Virtual Educational Opportunities

I want to highlight some Virtual educational opportunities that are available via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.  

  • February 5th at 7 PM Club Resources and Tools Virtual Learning Opportunity led by our Leadership Education Chair, Brittany Brown. In this session, you’ll explore how to leverage Canva for creating digital club resources, Square for seamless invoice processing and ticket sales, and Facebook Business Suites for elevating your club’s social media presence. Registration is currently open for this insightful session, and you can find it on the Pennsylvania Kiwanis Forum on Facebook. We’re thrilled to have many of you join us.  Register HERE.
  • Feb 24th from 9 am – 1 pm 2024 Virtual Midyear Conference will be inspirational with amazing featured speakers including Kiwanis International President Katrina Baranko, Past KI President and professional speaker Stephen Siemens and our keynote speaker Ben Hartranft, an autism advocate speaker.  We have dynamic speakers in our forums.  Early bird registration is $20.00 by February 22, 2024. After February 22nd the cost increases to $25.00. The cost for Service Leadership Program attendees is $10.00.  Register NOW!
  • Kiwanis Amplify, an online leadership development program, is open to Kiwanians like you. Having personally taken this course in its inaugural year, I can attest to its value. The program allows you to learn at your own pace, and the cost has been significantly reduced since its inception—now at a total of $50.00. Even better, if you successfully complete the course, the PA District will reimburse you 50% of the program cost. Seize this opportunity to enhance your leadership skills! Interested? Register by April 1 at

We hope you consider registering for the International Convention in Denver and for these amazing virtual education opportunities to help you and your club to grow.

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Warm Regards,

Governor Conrad
Pennsylvania District Governo